[This post is in part reprinted from an article by Dr. J. Allen in the Concord University Alumni Magazine, Fall 2015] In the previous post, the article Volcanic Travels featured a geology research trip to the Pacific northwest with Concord students.  Not to be outdone, in 2015 two Concord geology students joined me in a field expedition […]

[Ed. Note: This post is reprinted from an article in the 2014 CU Alumni Magazine by Dr. Stephen Kuehn] During late July and early August 2014, two environmental geoscience students and I travelled to Oregon for field and lab studies that contribute to three ongoing research projects relating to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in the western United […]

[Ed. Note – This post is revised and updated from the Fall 2013 CU Alumni Magazine by Dr. Joseph Allen] During May and June 2013, nineteen environmental geoscience students travelled to Utah and Colorado to participate in Concord’s five-week summer geology field camp. Each summer, more than 2000 undergraduate students from universities around the country participate in […]

[Athens, WV] This is our first post for our new departmental blog, CU in the Field.  This site will be dedicated to posts about research, course work, and travels in geology at Concord.  The posts will be written by Concord faculty and students.